Come to enjoy with an e-bike - SALPAUSSELKÄ TRAILS - nice trails close to Lahti

CUBE Reacktion Hybrid race hardtail E MTB´S are a good choice for Salpausselkä May - November.

On a wet and snowy conditions  we preefer to choce a efatbike from Tunturi, Gzr, Fantic, KTM

We recommend to start mountainbiking in a easy crosscountry slopes, we do have a lot in Lahti / Hollola, and if for more experiend rides Salpausselkä Trails with its single traks will be an attraction !

Its easy to reserve from our webshop, if you dont find suitable gear and timeshedule for your need, please contackt to our sales -

kitetirri@ gmail.com or +358405404513 - we will find best solution for your needs!

Note - we take a 300€  deposit from your credit card / bike, will be paid back so soon as we have cheked returnet e-bikes condition. You have to pay it with your own credit card. And please show us your offical passport for idendification.


Pick up and dropp off:  Kitetirrin POP UP RENTAL in a park Pikku Vesijärvi.

Can be arranger also elsewhere with added transport cost, ask more from our sales !

We dont rent for overnight and dont let our customers transport e-bikes with their own cars.

E-bike rental: High quality e-mtb or E- fatbike, Cube  MTB Helmet, lock - packed on a Packback and Bolle goggles. We give your biking instructions for your chocen e-bike, instructions are included on a rental period.

Please chek in advance : Kitetirri Tmi -rental terms

E- biking and E-fatbiking is suitable for persons with a normal healthy, has cycking skills, maximiun weight 120 kg